Stepup cycloconverter

i am trying to built this project as this circuit requires to be force commutated i want to the the proper circuit diagram for the following if anyone can help me with that i would be using bolt just to give the pulse for turning on and off the thyristor but i cant figure out the exact force commutation or the thyrister which i have to place along stepup cycloconverter for force commutation

Can you elaborate the issue you are having.

Yes sir

As in stepup cycloconverter each thyristor needs to be commutated in specific time for eg

T1 T2 T3 T4 are 4 thyrister ckt dia is given in attachment so fir half cycle T1 and T4 are switched on and off for two time so as i trigger T1 it is on and thn trigger T2 but T1 is not been off. So i want to switch that thyristor off with commutation ckt but am not getting a proper commutation ckt that works in ac supply

Now I understand, making a step up cyclo converter means u need forced commutation to turn it off,which is relatively complex to design…if u can , I mean if you project allows go for step down .

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Main problem with step up cyclo converter is commutation circuit. The commutation of Scr is hard. So I will suggest you to use GTO instead. Because commutation of GTO is very easy. You just have to give proper clock source . Here is link to purchase GTO.