Sublime text problem

The sublime text application that I have downloaded for windows is not working as per steps. So please tell me which should I prefer as I have windows 8 on my PC ?

hai there,
you can use atom or pycharm as they are more robust and fast and easy to use.
Atom is smaller in size compared to pycharm.
But pycharm is most powerful software to run python scripts and it has dedicated section will almost all of the packages available on internet with lot of features.
It is recommended to use ubuntu server as mentioned in tutorials It would help you build your linux skills.
thank you, have a nice day
do reply here if you have any doubts

@dhanshrikatikar97 can you uninstall and once again install as per steps provided and if not can you please share your problem via a screenshot try and let me know

You can use Visual Studio code with python extensions. It is very Convenient to coding with vs code.

You can use Windows Terminal or Visual Studio Code.