Submitting my final project after 6 month

Hello, due to some break I couldn’t submit my project last year so here are my few questions regarding the final project?

  1. Would I get a Certificate after submitting it for a long period of time?
  2. It is compulsory to submit the project on the given kit?
  3. Would I able to give the test?

That’s all the doubts I have now.

Yes, this course is lifetime accessible . Then , it is mandatory to submit a project because during exam you have to paste the link of your project. And you can able to give a test If you completed the tasks mention in the Certification test criteria.

I am just one of your kind…due to the rush of my regular classes I wasn’t able to complete that. Don’t worry it has lifetime access .Just focus on the project and learning.

thanks @shalinisaga1011

thanks @satabdachaudhuri