Suggestions for making the forum more user friendly


The forum is good.

To make it even better , I recommend to add the following features-

1) Compiler directive:

Whenever I write compiler directive command, I need to modify it by skipping one angular bracket to make the text visible in the forum. For e.g.- #include stdio.h> . This thing interrupts the user and viewer when discussion related to coding is made.

Hence, I request you to nullify this effect , as this may cause interruption in learning of the users who are beginner in the coding world !!

2) Video upload:
There is no such option to upload a video directly from the device(laptop,mobile,etc) to the forum. Hence , Add this feature also.

These are just the features (on my personal experience) that I think will help for having even easier discussions .

Thank you !!

Whenever I see the sky, I see it’s extreme incredible height .
Whenever I surf Internet , I see BOLT has potential to extend such heights.
Heights that will set the future scope of the world,
Where we will be the lovers of IoT and BOLT will be our new world!:relaxed:


@himanshumanghani95 Thank you for the feedback and the wonderful poetry at the end. :slight_smile: We really appreciate your projects on Bolt and also the support you provide other students by answering questions on the forum. For all your awesome work (Cool projects you built on Bolt + Forum support to other students + Poetry) we would like to send you a Bolt SWAG T-Shirt. Please mail your address and T-Shirt size to

@PPV. Thank you for your kindness, :slight_smile: !!!

I will mail you the required details.

Feeling blessed with BOLT and its friendly community!

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I have gotten my T shirt !! Its good !!
Thank you BOLT!

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Thank you BOLT, i have some ideas for you