Switching between Devices! [Resolved]

Hey Team

My setting up and coding is working great with laptop. Lately, if I wanna switch to my mobile (either Andriod or Iphone through apps), I could not do it, as the hotspot is not opening. As whenever I power my BOLT, its network is stablely connected to my WiFi which I checked through IP.

Kindly advise.

You can change by it by its ip address if a dress ofbolt/settings" Im that you can change the network

Try the above method too

Hey Gowtham,

Thanks for your reply, its already connected to the network. I need to connect to the same network via another device.

Hey Naik, should I remove the SD card, access via PC delete the content in BS.txt, install it again on my BOLT, so that it get reset??

i if you dont have an SD card reader then , do the following

  1. find bolt ip
  2. use ip in following command from desktop browser
  3. copy contents displayed on screen on to a notepad file .
  4. Save the same file as bs.txt
  5. Change SSID and PSWD fields in the last two lines of the file and save it.
  6. Using ip/developer re-upload new bs.txt to bolt

Ya checked the link you sent me, my bolt is working fine with Wi-Fi through browser (PC & Mobile).
My doubt is how to connect to the same network through mobile app.
As the network’s user name d password is set, once BOLT is switched on it’s getting connected to the network with stable LED glowing.
Should I creating a hotspot with mobile, consider that as a new network and change username & password according in the BS.txt or in ip/settings as Gowtham said!?

@mariarichy Not sure of the question. Is your Bolt connected to a WiFi network X and now you want to connect the Bolt hardware unit to another WiFI network named Y?

If this is what you are looking for then just open IPAddress/settings and enter the new WiFi SSID and Password.

@PPV Oops, never felt you are not clear with my quiry.

Ok, my BOLT works perfectly with my PC through WiFi network X. My question is how to connect to same Wifi network X using NetPlug, as I wanna try in app as well. Since BOLT is connected to the WiFi network X it is not showing its own hotspot to connect to Netplug as mentioned in the video tutorial.

Hope you are clear with my question now.

I clearly understood procedures on changing WiFi network through the above posts, thanks to @gowthamkrishnateja & @datta.naik.

For that connect your android phone or your ios phone to the same WiFi connection means if bolt is connected to X WiFi the Android or ios device also have to connect to the same X WiFi then you can get the bolt page in net plug app


Ya I tried that in both iOS & Android (there is no pop up of BOLT once the app is opened) after my try actually I login to the forum.

refresh it you can get if both are connected to the same wifi

@gowthamkrishnateja & @PPV Thanks it was working perfectly, as the orientation of the code in html is center, I could not see the button initially, later I looked for the whole page, I could find it…

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I am not able to connect to WiFi network Y. When connecting laptop to Bolt and going to IP it displays the last BOLT interface that I had used, i.e. the LED Controller (ON/OFF) page.

To change the wifi network

You can either use an SD card adapter and change it in the BS.txt file on the bolt, or connect to its hotspot and do it as shown in the tutorials. For this, the wifi which bolt connects to must be switched off and it automatically starts its hotspot.

You can also change the network by visiting address/settings