Syntax error for the device_status code

This is the image of the code

And this is the image of the error that iam getting:

Hi @17co19 You have to enclose the API key and the Device Id in between single quotes (’) and not between plus (+) signs. Also please do not share your API key and Device ID with anyone. I suggest you to change it immediately from your Bolt Cloud dashboard. Please let me know if this solves your issue.

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@gokz1119 yes I will change but I enclosed the device ID and API key using (") thank you I will try the (’)

Hi @gokz1119 it’s still giving the same error

@17co19 Can u post the screenshot of your code after you edited??..The double quotes or single quotes should have solved your issue.

Hii @spriyam095 it is just like the above images it’s the exact same error

@17co19 yeas but I would like to take a look at your edited code to debug.

So @spriyam095 I uninstalled virtualBox I’ll try it with VMware anyways thank you.

:rofl: No issues…VMware is better than virtual box, I find.