Syntax Error in Project sending a SMS when temperature crosses threshold

I am getting syntax error in python code in the Project sending a SMS when temperature crosses threshold,below is the screenshot of my code.

here is screenshot of the error
Please help me solve this error as early as possible,

Your syntax for print is wrong.
It should be : print("…")
Hope this helps

In Python print syntax single and double quotes both are allowed ,I tried changing into double quotes still the same error is coming in line no 21.

I think the error is in line "resp=sms.send_sms(’…’ +str(sensor_cel$)
please try to change that line into
resp=sms.send_sms(’…’ + str(sensor_celsius_temp))

@soumyaspillai2001 I think resp is not able to function correctly as you have changed the sensor data into celsius earlier in the code. Try correcting it.
For sms alert to be in celsius try converting sensor data into celsius in the line "resp=sms.send_sms(’…’+str((100*sensor_value)/1024)) ".
Hope this helps.

Hi @soumyaspillai2001 The syntax error could possibly arise from not including all closing brackets in the code. Since there is no mistake in the logic of the code, make sure you have done the following

Thanks @Xxanthis10 @iamnkumar0 @meghanavidyadhar23 for your concern
I have solved my error the $ sign in the send_sms statement meant that the statement is continued in the next line since the sms.send_sms statement was continued on the next line the syntax error was coming.I just shortened my variable name.