Syntax error in python

i am getting this error while trying to open python file
and also Capture
i am unable to put double inverted comma …as you can see in the pic!
and when tried with sudo pip3 install boltiot …i am getting this
please help…!

Hello sai,
Did you install properly ?
Do follow the steps mentioned in boltiot .

Try putting single inverted commas, if you cannot put double inverted ones.
The prompt for sudo pip3 install command is normal, you don’t have to worry about it.

I installed properly @suryaanirudh2611
Because all commands other then python are running properly …

Than try installing through “pip install --upgrade pip” command

Hi @saimech.rymec:

What you have there is clearly a Syntax error, as such trying to install python again would be useless, as python is already correctly installed.

Does the diamond character print when you try to enter the double inverted comma " ?

If this is the case, then there is an issue with your keyboard setting.

This is a linux related issue, and has got nothing to do with python.

Please look into the below link for a possible solution.