Syntax Error in Room Light Monitoring Project

Hello! In the 14th project of Room Light Monitoring using Z-score analysis, I’m getting the following error:

Here’s my code:

Hoping for some guidance soon. Thanks in advance!

Actually the syntax error is in the line before the code line “time.sleep(30)”.
You may carefully observe that the line before your code line is used for printing a text with the data value of the response from light sensor, you havent actually closed the braces you opened just after the print function.Kindly close the braces and you will have your syntax error resolved.I havent checked your further code since i want you to yourself evaluate your syntaxical and conceptual errors.

The line just above time.sleep(30), you have missed a closing brackets and do one more thing except e replace it as except exception as e; as in my code it has given error that e is not defined. Otherwise there is no error in code.

In the initial part of the code, you need to close the time.sleep(30) with a semi colon.