System to count the bags on a conveyor belt

I want to install a sensor which will count the bags on a conveyor belt. I want Bolt to collect the data from the sensor and show me the report of multiple clouds on the Bolt Cloud.

In future, I want to install a camera also in that to take snaps remotely. I want Bolt to trigger the camera. Please let me know if this is possible and what and all the requirement for this project.

Note: Posting for a Bolt user.


The implementation of the system to count the bags on the conveyer belt, depends on how fast the conveyer belt is moving, as in how many maximum bags will be moving across a certain location, every second.

If the speed is going to be less then 1 bag per second, then you can interface a proximity sensor, (Preferably an IR sensor) with the Bolt, and have a code running online which will poll the Bolt for the output of the sensor.
You can use the API call mentioned in the following documentation link to monitor the output of the proximity sensor.

Please clarify what you meant by, “show me the report of multiple clouds on the Bolt Cloud” I am not really sure what you want to implement in this system.

As for, sending a trigger signal to a camera using a Bolt is perfectly possible. You will need a camera which takes a 0-3.3v pulse as an input trigger for taking a snapshot. Though you will not be able to transmit the image data over the Bolt to any Cloud.
You can look into the following API call documentation link to find out how to send the 0-3.3v pulse on one of the GPIO of the Bolt