Technical problem about board

I am having bolt iot kit suddenly for led project the led is not glowing but for temperature the output came again I checked for buzzer project it didn’t worked what will be the problem

Can you share the code you’re trying to implement? Which pin are you connecting your LED and buzzer with?

@anushavani2001 Are you In the Home Automation Module of Training, if you are In that Module and working with Exercise in that Module Don’t get Panic there’s no problem With your Device Because you Might have crossed the API hit limit In your Free plan and Your Bolt Cloud Account got Locked 6 hours, You will be notified about that via Your email registered with Bolt and also check with this Documentation to Know more about API access rules I hope this will help you.

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I got a mail to unock unfortunately after 6hours I sawed the link was expired how can I unblock that

It will automatically allow you to use the API after 6 hours. To prevent that, get the Bolt Cloud Pro plan.


Okay Thank you for the information