Telegram 401 Error Unauthorised

Please Solve this error

Check your file check for your bot_id and chat_id may be they have typing mistakes even i had faced the same error during execution of my code just double check your chat id that is your channel id and check if you have used@first in your chat id and check for any typing mistakes in your botid and have you used bot in starting of your bot id

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I have checked everything everything is right but it is not working.

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But I have used “-” instead of “@” with chat id and it works. Problem solved

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HI @1716521903,

Many time people do mistake while typing the 0 (zero) and O in ( because it looks similar.

To resolve the issue - Open the telegram in your laptop and get the access token and paste it in into a sublime text file and increase the font size (Ctrl and +).

Check the screenshot below