Telegram -999 error correction

Everytime the sensor value is being printed as -999, request was unsuccessful, skipping. How to correct this?

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  1. the analog Read data (response) was being [not equal to 1]–>this condition is being true so this is the first reason to returning a error, you should check the data variable .
    2.finally the second reason is , check the telegram_chat_id, telegram_bot_id and threshold value if there is any mistake it will print a Exception(e).

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Please share your code and output terminal which shows the error.

Once recheck telegram file and make ensure whether the entered credentials are given correct or not… file will contain telegram_chat_id,telegram_bot_id.telegram_chat_id must be under the description where it starts from copy the text after the /…other one is telegram_bot_id where it is issued by bot_father so that it must starts from bot and now copy that id thereafter.