Telegram error 400 message text is empty

I am getting error 400, please help me out

Update src/response-handlers/telegram/telegram-errors.js to handle 400 code. We actually do not care about the code., but should handle it.It happens time to time.

Hi @djasuja2003,

It seems that message variable is empty in your code. Can you share the screenshot of code for debugging the issue ?

the code sir, please help me out sir

I am sorry but I can’t understand what you are saying as I am new to coding, So please can you explain a little bit more

Can you please attach a screenshot of the send_telegram_message function?

This is the main code sir @rahul.singh1


This is the function send message @sohankundu99

Try removing the extra single inverted comma (’) before text.

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Thank you so much sir for solving my problem
Now my code is running without error

I am facing the same problem. can u please send me the screenshot of corrected code?

@rahul.singh1 Sir in my case, error code is 400 but the bad request says chat id is empty. Although, I have declared the chat id in the file. Below is the screenshot of the error.

make sure you have copied the correct id
add @ in front of your id with no spaces
and also do not include in the chat id
hope this helps