Telegram error 404

Im getting this error please help me out

It shows me error 404

re check the telegram bot id and userid

@yabhisheky ok I’ll check it

You have not written the ‘bot’ word before the bot_id. So, check it properly have you written or not.


Thank you got the output

Remember telegram_chat_id means =
open telegram then

  1. click on recent created telegram channel
  2. (not the bot channel) click on the icon of the channel
  3. go the menu and go edit like pen option
    now click on channel type
  4. click on public then you see your link in that
    your chat id starts at @tempxxxxxxxx up to end
  5. Now bot id means (bot+token given by bot father) :partying_face:
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I have already added but still the error is coming.

Hi @utkarshrajverma04 ,

Do create a new topic stating your error with a screenshot of it, as well as the code.

hey i just show your problem just do one thing write BOT word before bot_id . and then check it again. i wish that will help you .