Telegram message not received

I tried the program for telegram but not able to receive message in telegram. What should I do

This is what I am getting and I am using for the programming. What should I do??
Plz reply me I need it for my project.

Hello @akshayaparam1217, Please make sure that the Telegram channel ID and the Bot Id(Bot token) which you created are entered correctly in your code. Note that they are case sensitive as well. Also the format in which you have entered these two are the same as that given in the training. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

Make sure that you have entered telegram_chat_id and telegram_bot_id in the file.

  1. The telegram_chat_id is of the form @permanent_link_name e.g. @temperture_alert (if the link is
  2. The telegram_bot_id is of the form ‘bot’ followed by bot token that you have received while creating bot e.g. if bot token is ‘1234567890:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ then bot id will be ‘bot1234567890:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’.

Check this and let me is it working for you or not :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

use this for some corrections in ur coding