Telegram new folder

as instructed in module Connect to your Ubuntu OS and type in the command sudo mkdir temp_alert in your shell to create a new folder for our project.
And after i have typed the above messege i am getting messege – cannot create directory ‘temp_file’: file already exists.

what should i do next

Type ‘ls’ in the terminal. There you will see ‘temp_alert’ folder. Incase you already created it.

Skip that part then, and move to next command.

    sudo mkdir mytempalert

Try this ,I guess you cannot create a directory with name starting from “temp_” . You should take another name as the name for the directory like “my_temp” or something like that .

the simple solution is to pick another name and try once more and i hope it will work this time!!

i have tried this actually i have tried my changing name 2-3 times bt still facing same thing. Dattebayo

Can you type ‘ls’ (small letter L and S) on the terminal and send a snap?

I also faced the same issue. You try out an unique name and it will work just fine.

see according to you when you run this command sudo mkdir temp_alert it showing that the directory already existed try this cd temp_alert and lemme know what you have got

Why don’t to try creating a directory naming temp_alert. and if you have tried making that too try making tele_bot. Or simply see all your directory using ls command and which are not required by using rmdir directory name and simply delete them. This worked for me ! Hope this works for you too !