Telegram Project error:Bad request: chat not found

Hi,I am getting error while executing Telegram Project below is the screenshot of code and error.



Please help me solve this error as early as possible,Thank you.

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Hi @soumyaspillai2001
can you share your screen

Hi @soumyaspillai2001,
There is no logical error in your code which you have attached here.
There might be some issue with the data
Try making a new bot and enter the bot_id correctly in the data.

In the error it says “Bad Request: chat not found”.
That means the bot cannot message in the public channel you have created. Make sure the bot is added in the channel and as an administrator.
Hope it works out well…:+1:

Hi i have solved my error the channel id i had written was name and i saw in previous lec i had to write only @channel name that is where error was coming.
Thanks @joemonjohnson17 for your attempt.


I was getting the same error. Thank you so much for posting the solution!
My project’s working fine now :slight_smile:

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the error is coming due to incorrect channel id in the file.
in your telegram channel, you must be getting an invite link
use @channel_name as your channel id.

I’m also getting same error. thank you sir now it works well :smile: