Telegram project error"error code 404 description "not found"

hi I am getting error in telegram project error code is 404 description is “Not found”. I have checked my bot_id several times it seems fine, but still getting error. Can any please help me fix this issue

please don’t share your personal credentials here like bolt api key …
check your code ,in second last line use “This” not “this”.
and also error in the last fourth line use '" not ‘>’
here are too many errors in the code ,please check twice and be careful with case of latter and other things…
also check api key and bolt id and other things as they are case sensitive…
and telegram chat id also not correct “temperature”
also check bot id twice…hope this will help you…

@2019peb5400 thanks for the response, i corrected chat ID. second last is just printing a message, so it doesn’t really matter if it “This” of “this” and fourth line from last the symbol ‘>’ is showing the continuation of the line which is not visible because line is very long i have used symbol " to enclose message there is no issue in this line. Even after correcting chat_id Iam still getting same error

@sagar.myadav94 i suggest you to generate new api key because you have posted it openly to all.
BOT ID is to be kept confidential it is risky to share it.

Hi @sagar.myadav94,

There is a typo error in your send_telegram_message function. It is /sendMessage but you have typed /sendMesssage.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@govindbagdiya22 thanks for your suggestion i want to check where i have gone wrong, i will change all the cred’s once i get output for this code

@2019peb5400,@govindbagdiya22,@rahul.singh1 thanks for your response. I got the code fixed

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