Telegram project error


is this error occurring due to false telegram id?
is telegram bot id supposed to be the username of the bot or name of the bot?

Hello there, @arjunkarumalapetty. Please share a screenshot of your code. And also please check whether you have closed any brackets which you may have opened in the previous line.

thank you ive found the error. But ive a new one now

@arjunkarumalapetty Please share your new error here if you like to.


Please check whether the telegram channel id and the bot id which you had created are entered correctly in the file which you created. Do let me know if this solves your problem

yes it did and worked and thanks!
The problem was with my bot id which i did change to my api token , and channel id. For channel id i added the whole link instead of the id . Most errors occured while typing…as we cannot copy paste in Vmware…

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Please check your code. There is a typo in the word “sendMessage” in the URL.