hi all, i’m getting an error that not found in my code output. Please suggest me what to do.

Hi @vyshuchilla please make sure that the telegram chat ID and the telegram bot ID(bot token) which you created are entered correctly in the file which you created. Note that they are case sensitive. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

bro @vyshuchilla try these 3 ways telegram open your channel created
open Manage channel
click on admistrators
and select your bot which you have created.
2. also check your config file in which you have written all correct like

telegram chat id is same as your telegram channel name
and telegram bot id is start with botxxxxxxxx(your bot id)

3.try create new bot and set it to administator
also remember to that information in config file regarding new bot

Hi friend , I also faced this issue
You need to check the telegram chat ID and telegram bot ID which is bot token
and you need to check the variable name that used to store this ID in the file and your project file are same.They are also case sensitive so you need write correctly same name as used is the file.

if this is helpful please let me know.

hi @prithiviraj.dk8055, i already checked once again but also it is being not done still.

Hi @vyshuchilla,

Check this link Telegram : {"ok":false,"error_code":404,"description":"Not Found"}

Then you delete the previous code and retype them check it twice.
This error show because the telegram account is cannot be find .
The program find the telegram channel by it telegram chat id and the telegram bot by its telegram bot id (token).
So i think the errors should be in those lines.

hey! Mr.vyshuchilla , I think you wrote wrong telegram chat id or telegram bot id.
Please check your file where all these details are written, and check the details because it should be according to that what is specified in your
According to this error you have to only check your file, and this is not a problem of your main file, whilch contains main python code.
Also you can check the correct chat id and other details of your created channel( in which you will be able to get the alert messages from the site ) in the BotFather of your telegram app.