Temperature limiting

I need to build a system where an LED glows every time temperature rises beyond a certain value. Please help

@ananyakrishna1999 Hi friend ,you can easily do it by combining two projects that we studied, one for temperature monitoring, another for led but not alone with bolt .
Here you should first write a python code for measuring the temperature values at each interval.
Next you should write a code for turning on/off the led.

Bolt is a platform for connecting devices /things over the internet.I suggest you to use Arduino, because this is an automation task not an iot one. Of course, with bolt you can get the output values of lm35 on cloud and get notifications and the time over message, email etc… and then you can alert by turning on led.But automatically doing so is possible by arduino I guess.
For alert:

Both of them can be connected in the breadboard according to the hardware connections mentioned. The LED can be connected to one of the digital pins of the Bolt and the LM35 can be connected to the Analog A0 pin of the Bolt. Thus you will be able to control both of the devices.

For automatic lighting, this signal is given to some form of a switch, which turn on or turns off the led depending on the output of temperature measuring device having an analog output voltage proportional to the temperature.This circuit can be made in such a way that when the voltage output of the temperature sensor(has internal voltage divider) circuit is high, the led turns on, and turns off when the output voltage is low.
You can get more information by visiting the following page though it shows another project.

Sorry if I’m wrong in any aspect.
Thank You

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@meenadhruvan, thanks a lot.
Will try and check out!!!