Temperature Monitoring Project

Hey can anyone tell me the principles used in the Temperature Monitoring System

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hello @gauravsinghgs8888, Lm35 sensor is used for sensing the temperature of the environment.The analog voltage produced by the LM35 is then given as input to the Bolt A0 pin.The analog value is then converted in 10 digital values that changes its values from 0-1023 by bolt.This digital data is sent to the cloud via Bolt device.
It is required to convert the raw sensor values into the actual temperature value.
Which is done using the given formula :point_down:
temp = (analog_value100)/1023*
The converted digital data is then plotted for visual representation

Temperature monitoring system consists of thee components

  1. Transducer/Sensor
  2. Microcontroller
  3. software
    So, here in this case LM35 is used as sensor in order to convert the temperature in terms of resistance. the resistance vary according to temperature, this is an analog signal. microcontroller( in our case its bolt IoT Module) is used to catch data from sensor and send it to bolt cloud over internet, on internet the data cached is processed using some code that is to be written in python. thus out temperature monitoring system is ready. now we can customize the system according to our need like using machine learning using python in order to detect the anomaly. principles used in this system include :- transducer, analog to digital conversion, Radio Communication, machine learning , etc.

hello,I have also made project on Temperature Monitoring System
First of all you need this things
1)Bolt Wifi Module
2)USB cable
3)LM35 sensor (temp. monitoring sensor)
4) jumping wires

you can also watch my video :- Temperature Monitoring System / #bolt /#boltiot /#iot /#machinelearning - YouTube

Hello @gauravsinghgs8888 ,
The Temperature monitoring system taught to us in the module uses the LM35 sensor.
The LM35 sensor measures the temperature of the environment in terms of the resistance. As the temperature rises, the resistance within the sensor rises and then it sends the sensor value to the cloud for that particular temperature.
Since there are different analog values sent to the cloud by the sensor, we use the Analog socket of the module for connection. It sends the Analog voltage for that particular resistance at that temperature and this takes values from 0 to 1023.
Then we can convert the value of the corresponding temperature using the formula -
temperature = (analog value * 100)/1023
Hope you understood the concept.

Sensor used: LM35 sensor.
Basic Principle: The LM35 temperature sensor uses the basic principle of a diode to measure known temperature value . As we all know from semiconductor physics, as the temperature increases the voltage across a diode increases at a known rate.
Convert the value of he temperature using the below formula:
temp = (analog_value*100)/1023