Temperature monitoring system using buzzer

Unable to get output of temperature monitoring system also tried using buzzer but nothing happened!!!please help sooner…

Can you share your snippet with us? Let’s look into the code first if it’s functioning fine.

At first, Was giving output but messages were not coming then i changed the code and also added buzzer then it’s giving this kind of error

Try this - history_data.append(sensor_value); Add semicolon in the end.

Your elif statement looks fine to me. Let me see, if I can find anything else.

Still giving the same error!!!

In def compute_bounds:, typo error while returning High_bound.

Correct that and check if its running.

Not yet!
Where am i suppose to add semicolon after buzzer_alert() only in elif?

Did you correct the spelling of High_bound? You can write as buzzer_alert(); but it’s not necessary. Works both ways.

Can you run and check if the error is same?

Yes corrected that thing…though

Try using if instead of elif.
In this case it is logically correct as sensor value cannot satisfy both conditions simultaneously.
Hope it solves your issue.

Stilllll the same error😢

Print statement correction -

print (" Response…:", response)

Or you can use

Print (“Response… … … :” + str(response))

Make sure to put the changes in both if and elif conditions.

I didn’t closed the ) so that error done right !!

Now output window is something like this

Your device is offline it seems. Is your bolt connected with the USB port? Is the green light ON?

Not really because of closing of bracket. It was written with incorrect syntax.

For more information on this, search for Python String Concatenation.

Yes both the lights are on, the device is connected