Temperature Monitoring Sytem

How can I visualize the graph in a better way? notice the y-axis, it doesn’t make any sense.

Please check the code section the y-axis reading are shown in farenhite, so convert it to celcius and collect the data.

setChartTitle('Your Graph Title');

** Just type the above code you may forget to convert to convert to celcius “mul(0.0977)”**
check with this code ,surely you will get the exact temperature

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Hey @ashu.vampire13 ,
In LM35, the voltage and temperature are directly proportinal to each other(If temperature increases voltage increases and vice versa.)
So the output from LM35 is obtained in volts.To convert this in to Celcius we just multiply the value of voltage with 0.0977.This gives us the temperature in celcius.
For the coding stuff,the code mentioned by @ediljeberson can be used .
Hope this gave you and insight about LM35 and why the 0.0977 integer is used.

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