Temperature monitoring

Dear folks,
I got a little confusion in the graph title of the Temperature monitoring project.
In the above screenshot, there are two rows i.e. Start-Date & End-Date, you can see this. I can’t understand that for what those stand? What if someone wants to calculate the temperature graph of the previous month to the current month? can that be made through these two rows? And, what are the other changes required?
suggest me.

Thank you.

you will be using the device for a month
then you want to plot temperature from a start date and end day
it just filters the data .

If you are using the device for a longer duration say for months you require to enter the dates there, it will plot the graph according to the readings.

@kausikraj21 since you are just monitoring temperature change in a day you dont need these start and end dates . These comes in to play when you are monitoring temperature for months and you need to analyse the statistics between certain dates