Temperature Sensor configuration showing incorrect values

Temperature Sensor Showing Inaccurate Values

As I have checked with temperature sensor readings while connected with BOLT IoT module (as examined in the fresh airy room), it is showing some errors in temperature values compared with accuweather.com. Sensor shows greater reading by 1-2°C than b in the given range of temperature values a&b on accuweather.com.

Also When temperature sensor isn't mounted on BOLT IoT module, temperature sensor device configuration shows some readings near about 13-18°C even if there is no connection with temperature sensor.

Is there any error in bolt module?

Restart the bolt module,check the code and hardware connections

Hey @akangirenb, I don’t think that your Bolt IoT module has any problem. The difference between accuweather.com results and your results can be because of several factors. Some factors are, your surrounding temperature and room temperature mostly differ with accuweather temperature. Moreover, no sensor is electronically accurate, so there might be a little error in temperature measurement. Also, with the temperature module disconnected, you are getting some values, that can happen due to several factors, such as internal resistance of the circuit and other impedance.
Also make sure that all hardware elements are properly connected, because loose connections often lead to bad results.

Hey @parichoyghosal15 , In case of difference between results of accuweather.com and BOLT IoT temperature sensor setup isn’t that much lower to say that there may be error in readings due to no sensor is electrically accurate. If it is happening then it should be ~1°C but it’s greater and captured in the fresh airy room. so that I didn’t find my question is solved.

And another factor that you said there’s may be heat due to internal resistance or impedance but for this My answer is BOLT IoT module isn’t a sensor it is only for getting the inputs given by the sensor to it. Even if while temperature sensor disconnected from BOLT IoT configuration then how BOLT IoT module can get input from null source.
If it takes the input from internal resistance generated heat then it could happen with any input data, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: