Temperature Sensor experiment

My doubt in Temperature Sensor experiment as follows:

  1. Basically Temperature Sensor measures temperatures in which unit without conversion?
  2. Why we need to add multiply 0.0076 in programming?
  3. can we do a simple programming such as
    plotchart("time_stamp,“temperature”)?.. If Yes, here the temperature unit is what?
  4. Give formula for converting Fahrenheit to celsius?

LM35 gives analog output values 0-1024
Corresponds to 0V to 5 V
Output unit is mV.
The LM35 outputs 10 mV per degrees Celsius rise in temperature.
Like if you are getting 345 value means that 345mV = 34.5•c
Here is the formula
(°F − 32) × 5/9 = °C

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So, the temperature sensor does not give output in temperatures (like thermometers do), but it gives output in voltage. We need to convert the reading into temperature (in Celsius), hence the change in programming. We cannot use the function plotChart, because it will not give temperature reading, but the output voltage reading

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Yes, absolutely
You got it.

You can use plotChart function along with mul(0.0966) in you js code.

It’s true that temperature sensors represent the values in the form of voltages. Whereas a thermometer represents the temperature values in Fahrenheit or celsius form.

In this function plotchart("time_stamp,“temperature”) you can use the relevant temperature unit.

var lineGraph = new boltGraph();
lineGraph.setAxisName(‘X-Axis Name’,‘Y-axis Name’);
lineGraph.plotChart(‘time_stamp’, ‘temp’);

I am using above code to plot tempature. How to convert temp into Fahrenheit? Where to divide temp by 10.24 so that my graph shows me correct temperature?

Hi @hari.prasad,
You may use the scaleData method to multiply or divide a value with sensor data.

Do check out this documentation. Do let me know if you need any other help.

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