The Bolt device is not working

Today i tried to power up the bolt wifi module which occasionally turn on when i place my hand on the Bolt device up here

. Now the device is not at all powering up and now i get electric shock from the device when i place hand on any side of the Bolt device. Also the wifi LED begin to continuously like just flash and stops for a while. It is not connected to any Wifi (not connected to any wifi on mobile phone). The device is not at all powering up also now it begin to cause electric shock to myself when i plug in(not powerful enough to cause any harm to myself).

I think it is related with the quality of the device. I think the device may be of poor quality. So humbly request someone to either solve my issue regarding this/give me a good quality product.

Hope someone will solve my issue.:innocent::innocent:

I suggest you contact directly to administration they help you out with it. I think may the module having some defects or fault.its my assumption because you said that you got shock know that’s why.
Happy learning

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