The bolt was not connecting to the cloud

However when I start connecting the blue light starts blinking faster but at last it comes like this.i had tried number of times there is the same result. Can you please solve it as quick as possible.

Hey! it seems like your device is having problem setting up. Please follow the setup procedure from the start as shown in the training,(NOTE: make sure you have a smooth internet connection while doing so and do not disturb the device during the setup process) and hopefully that’ll solve the issue. Please do give a feedback about the result.

please restart the entire connection procedure.
The green LED being on is a clear indication that the WiFi Bolt is currently connected to (Blue LED Stable not blinking) has internet access to Bolt cloud.

If the Blue LED is stable and green LED is Off that mean the WiFi it is connected to doesn’t have a good internet connection or some firewall is blocking bolt from connecting to the cloud.

To connect Bolt to a different network, Simply switch off the WiFi it is currently connected to (or change its password) and do the Setup process over Bolt IoT app again

@spityprince325 You have to click on the “Verify WIFI setup” button. This will verify that your Bolt is online and connected to the Cloud.
Let me know if you are facing any issues when you click on the button.

The same process is repeated number of times