The bolt wifi module gets hot

The wifi module gets heated on connecting to power supply for long time (overnight). Is it safe to implement this module for more time?
If no, then how can it be useful?

yes,the wifi module is safe for using it for extended periods.But we have to keep in mind that the module though reliable, is sensitive also.


Usually wifi module does not get heated if you are using 5V charger please ensure that adapter is of coreect specification.

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the powerbank is of output 5.1V --2.4A

Please use the 0.5 Amp charger to avoid any damage due to over current. As the mobile chargers now a days comes with 2 Amp output, In case you are using a branded power bank then there might be option of changing power output which generally varies from 0.5 Amp to 2 Amp.

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