The challenge competetion given in my course

hai there,
i recently took the bolt iot and ml training package under the scholar ship given.
as i have only accessed the course recently having no knowledge of the content.
so i am unaware of the topics.
what will be the best possible way to take up the competetion after the basic class is completed by me.

@raoneraman732 please be specific what kind of help you want, and by competition did you mean the innovation challenge 2 ?

@govindbagdiya22 yes i meant the same challenge

hello @raoneraman732,

About the innovation challenge all the details are given in the start of your course like when to submit ,
how to submit and the last date of submission. so i suggest you to go through the start of the course and i hope your all doubts will be clear there.

About your last statement if you are already familiar with the IOT and electric circuits then go ahead and take the challenge but if not then definitely you have to go to course.
Hope this helps you .

@raoneraman732 if you have an idea for the project for challenge and have the skills then you can proceed or else complete the iot training it will help you understand about bolt.