The kit has been delivered and it has been more than 5 days but I have not received the training access

I received BOLT IOT hardware kit 1 month ago but my payment status had not change to paid so i m not able to access to training
So i request to look upon this


Firstly apologies for the issue faced by you. We sometimes face this issue when the delivery company doesn’t update the status of the kit delivery correctly in the system due to which we are not able to identify that you have received the kit and provide you with the training access.

To receive the training access, please share photos of the kit you have received along with the packaging which identifies your name via email on

Our team will provide you with the training access once the verification is done.

I received the kit within a week after placing the order . Also as mentioned in the training section ,i got the training access within 2 days after receiving the kit since i completed my payment using the COD option.
FYI , i placed the order in the month of December 2019 itself.

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Thanks you so much for your help . Now I my able to access my training section

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Glad to know that your issue has been solved ! :slightly_smiling_face: