The kit isn't responding

I tried to restart the module somewhere about yesterday but the green and the blue light wasn’t blinking. If possible help me out with this problem. If there’s a replacement to be done, then please facilitate with the same. Thankyou.

If you have access to your bolt iot training videos, please refer to them. Therein is a video depicting how to connect your device to bolt cloud. If you have done all steps correctly, then i suggest you check your internet connection settings. Online training, although doesn’t require extremely high mbps, but nonetheless the speed of connectivity should still be reasonably good. And also please refrain using the source from which you are connected, to search other things, watching videos etc whilst connected to the bolt device. Also make sure the hotspot is indeed created.

If the above is well and good, and you are sure that your kit is, unfortunately not working then please contact
Please copy this mail id and through gmail, explain your problem to bolt iot team. They are quite efficient in replying within 24 hours of you posing the question.

I suggest you to watch the following Module thoroughly…

  1. Introduction to the Bolt Cloud.
  2. Getting Started with the Bolt Iot cloud.
    Now after watching the following modules…If you have done all steps correctly, then i suggest you check your internet connection settings. if the problem continues , I am afraid you have Damaged your Bolt wifi Module by holding the module not prescribed by the bolt.

If you have not hold the bolt wifi module incorrectly then i suggest you to contact
and explain them your problem . The employees at Bolt are very helpful and will definately help you resolve your problem.

I suggest you to go through the following chapters

  1. How to Power ON the Microcontroller module.
  2. Indicator LEDs.
  3. The whole module on Getting Started with the IOT cloud.

If the problem continues I suggest you to contact on

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yo check the power supply(turned on or turned off ) and connection to bolt with correct pin (micro usb)
try using another cable or adapter if ur taking power supply from the laptop then try using wall adpter