The LDR is not reading properly

Hello sir, I set the LDR and tried to get readings of various light intensity.
If it is dark then it shows a lower value but even it’s cloudy or sunny, the reading is 1.02 thousand in both the cases. How can i get diffrent reading. Try to take the readings with different intensities of light. The maximum value is 1023.
Try inside a dark room, use torch, etc.
Check it by keeping it in different intensities of light.
Hope it works.
Good luck

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Thank you. i tried with torch and sun it gives same reading. The maximum value is 1023…Once try in a dark place…the result varies

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hii… …you can check it even in your room by taking different readings when your room light is on and when it is off…by my personal experience it shows same value when you switch on the light because intensity of light is same…and when you check turning off the light it will be varied…

another best way to do this is by covering the LDR through your finger and press the deploy button …then view device information …you will get different value…hope it helps…thank you

Hi take your module in a dark room and use a torch and continue to vary the intensity of light,If it doesn’t works try this, I saw this is the course if we get 1 thousand value:

The data always shows 1thousand

  • Look at the time of update. It may be that you are looking at old value, and not the new once.
  • Check the connections of the resistor to a0 pin and GND.
  • Try covering the LDR with your finger, and clicking on push data while your finger is on the LDR.
  • Some students have received an LDR with internal resistance which is different from the standard. Try using the following combinations in the given sequence
  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 10k - gnd
  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330 - gnd.

I also had this problem once. The problem is for sure because of connection. Connect the LDR and the resistor deep in the connector and try. It’ll work for sure.

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Just change the resistor and take values…I also had the same problem…when I changed the resistor to 330 ohm the problem was solved

just make sure that your ldr is connected properly or make use of the breadboard
try out the system in a dark room with torch and vary the intensity of light

connect the LDR properly make sure taking the readings by placing the property in sun light and in dark places and also try by using torch which increases the intensity of light