The LED and the Buzzer does not work


I have connected and configured the Bolt board as per the instructions.

I am able to connect it to wifi and also the index.htm file coded as given in the instruction is opening .

<!doctype html>


Buzzer Controller

Buzzer ON

Buzzer OFF

Also the LED and the buzzer have been connected to respective GPIO as mentioned in the tutorial.

But neither the LED the LED comes ON when selected on the browser nor does the buzzer comes on.

Please suggest if i am missing anything here.



Did you connect the positive d negative correctly???

If so, do you get return values on clicking the button on the pages…??


Please share the code you uploaded too for verification

Same here, not working, please have a look at the code mentioned at last. I’ve been using Sublime Text Editor, i saved the document as index.htm and typefile as *.htm, uploaded it, still not working, is there a problem in the GPIO pins, the connection is also done properly, everything is accurate, still not working.

<!doctype html>


LED Controller



Try it out in Chrome, even in my case I did same thing and it didn’t work out in mozilla, teacher told me to do in Chrome and it worked, no changes were required.

Same problem persist with me too. I am able to connect my bolt to WiFi, able to upload file, able to restart it too but after restarting it when I enter the bolt IP address instead of displaying bolt.htm it displays the configuration page.

Please help me with the same.

Got that problem resolved instead of saving index.htm I saved it as bolt.htm. but when i click led ON it just turns ON and gets switch OFF within sec.

why can’t bolt accept other filename? @datta.naik sir, @ppv999 @PPV sir

@ameyapatilr Not sure why you are fachig the particular issue. It is suppose to accept diffrent file names including index.htm


To access files with names other then index.htm please use the follwing url

Example if bolt IP is and your file name is bolt.htm

This should resolve your problem.

And to resolve your LED problem please post a screenshot of your code here.

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i have tried everything…my buzzer is not working what should i do

Hi @divya.world2011,

Please share you buzzer code.