The refund page is not working

The refund page don’t get the bank details for the refund of the kit

Refund of full payment is done for the first 10 days since the day of delivery of the have to visit the trainings page and click on refund and then they will pick up your kit.once they receive the kit ,they would refund the fee within 21 days after they receive the kit back.the refund amountwill be transferred to your bank account but in case of COD , they will pay the refund via bank account maybe that they haven’t received your kit and they shall refund it within 21 you may wait and if it takes too long, maybe call them or email them about this problem.

Why they are not taking it back as I have requested already 2 times

@anujgodara10 My apologies for the delay in response. From what I can see your refund request has been received along with your account details. The pickup to has been scheduled. Could you let me know the date on which your return pickup has been arranged?
If that date has passed then I could ask the operations team to reschedule the pickup or look into the issue why it has not been picked up.

I requested refund on the 7th day but its not taking the banking details and hence not confirming the refund request . Please solve this asap since it can be returned only in 10 days.

Hi @lakshyaberiwal98,

As I can see you have already created the refund request and verified your account. Check this link for more details

Do let me know in case you are still facing the issue./