The values generated by the LDR are constant at 1.02 thousand

I have tried covering the LDR with my finger, flashing my smartphone flashlight right over it and also putting it in a dark corner in my room, but the value is constant at 1.02 for all 14 observations thus far.
I also checked out their troubleshooting page afterwards but my hardware connections seem just fine. Brown-black-Orange-Gold resistor is connected between GND and AO and the LDR is connected between AO and 3V3.

This is a common issue faced by most of the users.

You’re getting the peak value because of exposure to light. Even when you cover your LDR with your finger, you data collection rate is still 5 minutes. You can either cover the LDR with a cloth or box (keeping it under complete darkness) and then click on ‘Push data to cloud’.

The basic LDR configuration will not always give the desired light sensitivity, needs to be provided with complete darkness to begin with the change of value, and therefore there are modules present in the market with proper calibration.

You can look at the below gif for example (1023 = 100%)

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My previous post was deleted bymistakely so I am reposting the solution

I had also faced this issue
I think you must try using 330ohm resistor in place of 10k ohm resistor in below mentioned configuration:
3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330(orange-orange-brown)post withdrawn by author, ohm resistor- gnd.
Also make sure all connections are proper and refresh the page to see change

change the value of Potential divider resistor higher the value more the voltage as LDR have highest value of 1000000 ohms and lowest approx 400 ohms so you can increase divider resistor to 50 or 100K and give a try. change collection rate to lower and change light values to capture result faster, try disconnecting the whole set up and connecting it as it may be possible that it might have some loose connection when you have connected the first time and also check your internet connection.