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What is the difference between a Bolt user and a Bolt device ? Please explain with example.

The term ‘bolt user’ refers to the person using the bolt wifi module to learn and create projects.
Similarly, the term ‘Bolt Device’ refers to the bolt wifi module that the person uses to create the project that you receive in the hardware kit.

For instance ,
when you are working on the plant monitoring system project you are the Bolt user and the device to while you link for products is the Bolt Device . The Bolt Device has an unique id viz BOLTXXXXXXXX .


Thanks @riyakank0904 for your explanation

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Well, I have another doubt regardng the difference between a device and a product.
Is it correct to say that device is a physical entity, which is realized by hardware, like the Bolt IoT module and product is just a software entity, which do not exist physically, but it possess all the properties of the device in coded form ? Am I correct ?
If no, please rectify me with detailed explanation…

Bolt User is the one who is using bolt Facilities. Bolt Device refers to the one who is actualling controlling the device.
For eg- You make a plant monitoring system and shared the live updates with some farmer/gardener.Then The gardener is also a Bolt User, whereas you are the bolt device(theoreotically)

Thanks @180020039, but my doubt is not regarding Bolt user and Bolt product. I had this doubt, but that is clarified now. Now, my doubt is about device and product and I want to know whether my post above is technically correct or not

Technically speaking, what you have said is 100% correct. Device is physical (Hardware) module which you used to connect different components.
Where as product is concerned, it is just as providing instruction to the device to perform a specific task, which contains all the information how to execute the task.
For different task you have to create different product but device will remain be the same.

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@deeptanudatta Bolt user means the person which is using bolt wifi module for learning and developing a project on other hand bolt device is that bolt wifi module which is used in different products of bolt. It has a unique id BOLTXXXXXXX.