There was an error while retriving the data

the project is based on ldr sensor on machine learning.

there is an error in my code which shows that try after 5 hours .

and value error for invalid literal with base 10, you have been rate limited.


Please clarify,

What exact error did you face while running the code? Could you share a screenshot of the error?

I think you might have retrieved the value by hitting the bolt server for more than 40 times within a minute this happens when you do not set a delay in your python code i.e. you should use the statement time.sleep(10) which halts the execution of code for 10 seconds ,because of not using this statement the code extracts the value of A0 pin continuously there by hitting the Bolt Cloud more than 40 times within a minute ,Actually Bolt cloud is free but to ensure an equal usage of cloud for all the users Bolt Cloud has put some restrictions on data extraction from cloud(which happens by hitting the cloud).In your case that’s the reason why you got ‘you have been rate limited’ ,you will get again access to retrieve data from cloud after 5-6 hours.Still if you have any queries please be free to ask…