Thingspeak and boltcloud


Step 1 :-Actually I uploaded the following code on the bolt cloud !

> <!doctype html> 
> &l;html>
>  &l;head> 
>  <title>BOLT with ThingSpeak</title> 
>  <script type="text/javascript" 
>  src="/serveFile?filename=bolt.js"> setDebug(true); </script>
>  </head> 
>  <body bgcolor="#01FFFF">
>  <form action="/thingspeakSettings" methods="Post">
>  TS key:<input type="text" name="key"><br>
>  TS field:<input type="text" name="field"><br> 
>  TS pin: <input type="text" name="pin"><br> 
>  TS type: <input type="text" name="type"><br> 
>  TS enabled: <input type="text" name="enable"><br>
>  <input type="submit" value="Submit"><br> 
>  </form>
>  </body> 
> </html>

Step 2 :And got the following output after uploading this file on the Bolt’s cloud

**Step 3 :**I filled the details accordingly as follows

**Step 4:**After pressing the Submit Tab, I get the following result -

Guys, I am eagerly waiting to merge BOLT’s cloud with the features of Thingspeak !!

If my idea is clear and possible , then please do help me !!
In case , if it is not possible , then I would like to pacify my this thirst by knowing the genuine answer of the same (i.e., a no !!).

Thank you !

I think you should use “<” symbol at the place of “&1;”

ooooopssss !!

Just slipped off ! Thanks for pointing !

Actually I just pasted the code from tutorial , so I deemed not to alter it !!

However I changed “&1”; to < , But unfortunately not getting the result !

PFA the console picture !! I think , it may help to rectify the problem!

Please note that we shall soon stop the ThingSpeak feature on Bolt. This is being done to focus more on the Bolt cloud as all the features of Things speak are possible on Bolt cloud and lot more.

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Sounds good !
We would love to learn more tutorials regarding cloud in the workshop!

My output page says {“success”:“1”,“value”:“ThingSpeak enabled on pin 0”}

How to view the graph??

Hi ! We have stopped support for ThingsSpeak on Bolt. Please us Bolt cloud (ideally with the beta testing features) for better experince.

Means we no need to connect to thinkspeak we can directly get the graph by the beta version is it sir??.

Oh ok then… Lets try!!

Yes. You can now get graphs directly on Bolt Cloud with just few lines of code. We have sent the access to Bolt Beta Testers again today. Do let me know in case you have not got the mail.

Ya got your mail, but guidance for few lines of code?

We have sent an E-Mail with link to access the Beta Content. You can also view it here:

Ya I got it!!


Awesome. Let us know your experience of using it with the blue feedback button on the right hand side. We would love to know more about your experience. Do share about what you loved and what needs improvement.

I’m also facing the same problem.
unable to get the graph even on getting these results.
{“success”:“1”,“value”:“ThingSpeak enabled on pin A0”}

Thingspeak support has been terminated on Bolt. Please use Bolt cloud for the same results.

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I’ve downloaded cloudbolt. It’s requisite is to download vMaker, so I download a trial vesion. But on extracting the files I got these. What should I do next ?

I belive you are on a wrong software. Please visit to access Bolt cloud.

Check the workshop content to know how to use the Bolt cloud.

In, control panel is not showing in my I.d

Have you added the Bolt device to your Cloud? It will show up after a Bolt unit is added.