To create the link of the html file

I have recently learnt plz tell me how to create a link of the HTML code that I create so that I can share it with my friends like any other link that we share. And not only for the projects that we do here but also of any other kind of cod that i write.

Upload the webpage folder on any cloud storage, like GDrive, Mega, Dropbox and you can sent the link of the folder to anyone.

You can also use Github Pages to host static websites, and you can share the URL with anyone.

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Hello nandandarak2002,
If you want to share the code, you can do it in many ways:

  • GitHub Repositories
  • Drive Links
  • File sharing

As I think you want to share the link of the website that you created, you have to follow a process called deployment:
You have to deploy your html code so as to create a global website. Then you can share that URL as a link. You can see this in detail in course here-> HTML programming language/ Build your first webpage
There are many ways to do so, but you can use .
Hope this helps, cheers!

One of easiest ways to show your work is through code pen :-
Just create a pen and paste your code and run it and easily share and others can see your code easily if they want.

If you want little professional look use git hub pages which is one of best ways to show your work.
If you want you learn more about git and git hub here.

simple way is u can upload it on your github profile and easily share the URL with anyone.