To get completion certificate

what is the minimum marks(in points) to get 50% in this exam?

The certificate for completion will only be generated when you pass the exam with the minimum criteria i.e. 50%.

  1. MCQ test- which carries 40% weight
  2. You have to Paste the link for the project that you have made on .This carries 40% weight.
  3. You have to paste any two links for questions that you have answered on .This carries 20% weight

The final marks and certificate will be available to you within 7 working days from the point of submission of the exam via email.

@binduarura 1 mark is 1 percentage. The total marks in the exam is 100 and hence 1 mark scored is 1 percent gained.
To pass you will need 50 marks or 50%.

This is the total break down of the marks…40% of marks holds for the written test, another 40%marks for project submission (excluding capstone) and the rest 20% for your contribution on % is 50 and not 50marks.i.e., to get the certificate you need to score 50 percent. Good luck.