To understand what is the work of MUL in js program

Below is the code , please explain me what is the work of mul(0.0977) in the 5th line of code…

setChartTitle(‘Polynomial Regression’);

The work of mul() is to convert the raw sensor vallue received from the system to degrees. Hence we multiply a value of 0.0977with the sensor value. 0.0977 is the multiplication factor.


‘mul(0.097)’ is used to multiply all the readings of the LM35 sensor by 0.097 to convert them into degree celsius scale(Instead of dividing by 10.24, here they are being multiplied by 0.097, which is basically the same thing).

hey @bhaveshssonewale
The mul(0.0977) is used to convert the sensor data or the data given by LM35 sensor to degree celsius.As you know formula that we had to divide it by 10.24 just to simplify it is the direct value that we have multiplied i.e of 1/10.24. And also in javascript the mul() function is called to make a multiplication with the value which is present in that brackets

Hope it helps!!