To use both input and output device in a product

Is there any option to select/use both input and output device ??If it is possible then help me.

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Input and Output device-

This type of product enables your device to both send and receive data from the Bolt cloud. Use this type of product when you want the devices linked to the product to control any actuator while at the same time send data to the cloud.
Selecting the product as an Input device will allow your Bolt device to both send and receive data to the Cloud.

@govindbagdiya22 i am not talking about what input and output can do .But i am querying about the facilities in bolt to simultanously use analog pin and digital pin both in single product . Thanks for replying but its off topic of my query.

@sridayalseth you can use both input and output device by selecting the product as input device.

@iamnkumar0 sorry bro but its not working .If you have done kindly attach the screenshot or other doc.

Then maybe you are mistaking in connection or any other cofiguration.

@iamnkumar0 no bro i checked it independently .If you have done then share ur doc with code

Hi @sridayalseth,

You can use the Bolt WiFi module as a whole to collect data (input) and control devices (output) at the same time, as it has 5 digital I/O pins and 1 analog input pin.

Most students gets confused about this, as they see options for only input device and output device while creating a product.

This is just an info given to the Bolt Cloud, to treat the product in this manner. This does not mean that while the Bolt WiFi module is linked to the product, it cannot behave as the other type of device (input x output)

For being able to view the device view of the device linked to a product, the software/code configuration of the product needs to be completed.

You tell the Bolt WiFi module, which pins to use as inputs using the hardware configurations. Where as the pins not specified can be used as inputs or outputs using API calls. This is done because if you have set a pin as input, then you probably some sort of output circuitry connected to the Bolt WiFi module’s input pin, and would not want this circuitry to be damaged because the Bolt WiFi module’s pin was used as an output pin.

Essentially speaking, any pin that should be used as an output, can be set as an input without damaging the external circuit. But if a pin is supposed to be used as an input, then using the pin as an output can cause damage to the external circuit.

If you specify to the Bolt Cloud that a product is an input type, then the Bolt Cloud will force you to have hardware configurations before you can click the “view this device” button and see the device view.

If you specify that the product is of type output, then creating the hardware configuration is optional, and the Bolt Cloud will show you the device view (as long as the code configuration is done) even if you do not configure the hardware of the product.

This is how the Bolt Cloud was originally designed. But since it was difficult to explain this to the customers and we faced issues where the customers would get irritated by the blocking of this feature, we dropped it.

I hope this clarified your doubts. Do reply back if you need more clarifications.


@vinayak.joshi i got the point .Thank you for the clarification.

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After the good time spend on ti’s mcu again working on it after your satisfactorily response! Everyone one before rounding off the topic. Again ty @vinayak.joshi :cool: