Topics which will be covered in the Course

Sir/Madam , I would like to know the projects which are there during the trainings . As , I am Final Year BE student , so I thought the projects are Capstone Projects like Smart Door Lock etc. Also , in the introductory video during the passing of the scholarships shows that there will be around 10 -15 projects, how it is possible in the course of 45 days ? so that I can take the Course. Please Reply Sir/Madam. Thanks .

Hey! @naikshub8412 There are many small projects along with code given in the training module to understand the concept… for example after studying what is predicting? we have small project to implement how we can predict the room temperature after few minutes… the projects will not take more than 45 minutes if done correctly. The capstone project is implement a temperature predicting system and testing it in various conditions and sending messages to users when anomaly is detected. And yes you can definitely finish the course in 45 days