Total how marks for Iot and ml course certificate exam

Total marks for iot and ml exam

I think so there are instruction in the course and total projects link and the answer link of forum will carry 30 marks and mcq will be there for test and in between there will question to submit the links which will carry 30 marks

Hi @jhansinalla11,
Total marks in the exam are 100.
70 for the MCQ.
8 for the forum questions
22 for the project

total marks are 100. you get 8 marks from forum which u need to paste 2 links which carries 4 marks each and 22 marks for project and remaining marks for mcq questions which contains 38questions…
the minimum of 50% marks are considered as a pass marks and the certificate is generated. and the test is taken only once.

Hello there, So you will be taking the exam for 100 marks. 70 marks will be assigned for MCQs, 8 marks for the 2 questions you’ve answered in the forum questions(4 marks each), 22 marks for the project.
Thank you.

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Total marks for the certification exam is 100.
It is divided as:
* 70 marks for MCQ question
*22 marks for your Project submission
*8 marks for 2 forum question(4 marks for each)
Hope this makes clear!