Training access problem

After enroll in training, it shows that invalid coupon and i could not access training videos please resolve this problem.

check your email address agaiin, if it is the same then also send your problem to

you dont have to copy paste the code to access the training. just visit the bolt cloud, login with your email, there is a video for how to access the training of the course. this video will explain you how to access the training. if you havent recieved your hardware kit, you cannot access the training.

i think you have copy paste the coupon code and at the beginning a space is added so remove that space and try again

There is no space at the beginning and have not copy paste the code or used the correct email but it shows again same thing .I did try everything but it could not access the training videos.

have you type it your own then check ones again any missing or extra letter or any space at beginning or at end if not solved then send your problem to

Send an email to the company
they will enable for you if already paid

after payment you will get a email from bolt in that u will given a link and by pressing that you can access the course by login by email

you are not saying right . When your transaction is done successfully at the same time you will get a mail to access training .That means you can access training without hardware kit at the beginning.

It had been 2 working days after cash on delivery order but still i did not received my training access. I have got the training access via scholarship for free so why should i pay for it

you no need to pay they will send you a link via mail even i came by scholarship so,please check the mail



From the backend I can confirm that you have already enrolled in the training using your email id ""

Please make sure you Login and not Enroll in the course again upon visiting “

sir i am having same problem as can you check mine enrollment?

Hi @ashwin.1020jain,

As I can check, you are already enrolled in the training using your email id ashwin.1020**** .

Please visit and login with your email id and password and you will be able to access the training.

In case you don’t remember your password, Please do the forgot password and login with your new password.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

I received BOLT IOT hardware kit 1 month ago but my payment status had not change to paid so i m not able to access to training
So i request to look upon this
my email id

Hi @gaureshrane2015,

Hi Vivek,

Apologies for the delay. Our delivery partner may not have marked the order as paid.
Can you please email us at an image of the kit that you have received so that we can verify that the order has been delivered?
We will give you the course access as soon as we verify that you have received the kit.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thank you so much for your help . Now i able to access my training section.

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Hello sir,
Am Jahnavi and my registered email id-
The BOLT IOT KIT has been delivered to me a three days ago and i had paid for that through CASH ON DELIVERY.
After that I got a mail to my registered email id that steps to access to my training.
when i do follow steps of instructions to access for the training it is showing that you have not purchased the kit.“please check it and provide me the training access.”

When I had open through my registered email id _
It is showing like this as uploaded an image below.:point_down: