Training access


I am not able to access the training content even after entering my email id

and password it is showing it is invalid what shall I do now?


Please try resetting your password using the link below
and try logging in with the new password You can try logging in using your Google account too


I am still getting that we couldn’t find an account with that Gmail address even it is registered with bolt


did you verify your email id?


yes i have done that procedure


E-Mail: or Call: (+91)7975333619 or (+91)9049933918
try calling for support may be it will help …


have u try open it from ur gmail ?


No i haven’t how i can do that


open up ur gmail u must have recieved mail from bolt that u can now have access to ur course.
Thn u have options either login if ur registerd or options like gmail/facebook. Choose gmail if u have provided ur gmail address. If face any problem let me knw


I have done that but i am still facing the same issue


Please help me i am still facing the same issue


have u recived something like this?


No i haven’t received anything like this


I have bought this course on 6th july it is only showing that and status paid only and one access code


you need to complete the verification by enrolling that access code


How i can do that can you please guide me


On clicking enroll button it is showing signup what shall i do now


you must have recieved some mail from bolt


No i haven’t even i mailed them regarding this yesterday but i haven’t got any reply from their side till yet


What shall i do now i am confused