Training access

open this


on opening i am getting this thing see


click on go to course and send screesnshot



and in sign up. You must have option of gmail


try login once atleast and send me screenshot



but both email id and password are correct


i did the same process and after clicking on go to course i have acess on it


so what shall i do now i have already mailed them regarding this


wait i have one more option


Yes please what is the second option


the second option is that there is an app teamviewer which is a third party tool by that i have access to ur laptop if you allow i will try to make ur course access and thn logout


yes i have that app in my laptop can you please help me


ur ID PASS send me in personel msg


How i can do personal messaging here is there any option


click on the nAME extreme left


there are options you must choose


have you received the id and password